Cow Urine And Heart Disease

Cow Urine And Heart Disease

Cow is considered a spiritual or divine in India, specifically, amongst the Hindus. In Ayurveda, cow urine (also called Gomutra) is asserted to be quite useful as well as is a natural source of numerous minerals called for by the body.

This might be due to the truth that when cows forage in the field, they eat several medicinal fallen leaves which might reflect in their urine.

New Delhi: Cow is considered a spiritual or holy in India, particularly, amongst the Hindus. In Ayurveda, cow pee (likewise called Gomutra) is asserted to be quite beneficial and is a natural resource of many minerals needed by the body.

This may be due to the reality that when cows graze in the field, they eat numerous medicinal leaves which may reflect in their pee.


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Making use of cow pee for therapeutic purpose has a long background in Indian society. Pee of a pregnant cow is taken into consideration special and also it is declared that it has special hormones as well as minerals.

Here are some remarkable health and wellness advantages of cow urine you must know:

Cow pee is claimed to be valuable in the treatment of leprosy, abdominal colic discomfort, bloating, and even cancer.
It is used in the treatment of high temperature by mixing it with black pepper, yoghurt, as well as ghee.
Anaemia can additionally be treated by a combination of cow pee, Triphala (a herbal concoction), as well as cow milk.
Cow urine is additionally said to be helpful in treatment of peptic ulcer, bronchial asthma and also particular liver conditions.
A mix of gomutra as well as dharuharidra is utilized for dealing with epilepsy.
Cow pee additionally cleanses the body from inside out by eliminating all contaminants, thus reducing multitude of wellness risks, including diabetic issues, weight problems, hypertension, and so on
. Cow urine is also utilized as sprays for parasite control both in residences in addition to for agriculture.
In addition to that, there are cosmetic items like soaps and also hair shampoos that are made from cow pee.

Cow urine is likewise made use of in Myanmar and Nigeria as a herbal remedies.

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